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My Story

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Personally, I am someone who likes to check various information, no matter what I do, where to go, I check many places. many things to be sure so decide

When wanting to study abroad, check the information hard. At that time, not many agents were open. Finally got to go to school, but  Not so good experience


When he returned, he intended to give advice to those who wished to continue his studies. They want to bring their own experiences to tell them in their entirety. and will not tell only the good I won't tell you the business style, I'll tell you the way I tell my sister how to prepare. How to prepare as much as possible  

In 2005, AU Studdy Company was opened. If those who are reading this Get to know AU students

You can ask "Pe Nueng, how do you spend time with all students?"

The company received advice and passed it on to the next generation of students. to come to use the service with brother one

When people ask how AU Study promotes the company We can proudly say that


"Students continue."

AU Study is a small company that focuses on taking care of all students thoroughly. I didn't think to expand the company to be bigger if We also take care of students who are not good enough.

  Each student will have different problems. and also that we enter into a relationship with students Being a student advisor gives us more experience in solving problems for students. Sometimes it can be used to solve problems for another student. 

Because our work doesn't end with just sending students on flights at Suvarnabhumi. when students study abroad  We are taking care of Be a friend, be an elder when students need someone to help him or congratulate him.  

with experience and good intentions thus giving confidence to parents and students that Everyone will get the best care from the company.  

         081 823 1756 Pee Nueng opens the line and waits all the time or add Line austudy1

Add and send heart stickers to say hi.  


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if in doubt Shy, don't want to call and talk, don't keep it. Send me a question 

Thank you very much. The staff will contact you soon!

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